Finding a great sustainability copywriter

February 9, 2023

When it comes to hiring a great sustainability copywriter, you want to make sure you find the right fit for you and your business. So what should you look out for? Having a solid understanding of the sustainability sector and knowing how to create engaging content are both important, of course. But there are some other skills and attributes that are important to consider too.

While lots of writers can create content on sustainability, the topic can be something of a minefield with complex topics and lots of niche subjects within the umbrella of sustainability. So there are a few things you should consider to make sure the person you choose is the best fit for your project. If you're looking for a great sustainability copywriter, here's a quick list of things to consider when looking for a writer to support you.

What are their credentials?

There are lots of copywriters working in the sustainability sector, which means you'll have plenty of choice! But how do you find the right one?

One of the first things you’ll need to look for from a great sustainability copywriter is expertise and experience. Do they have the relevant experience and skillset for your project? Have they worked with similar organisations in the past? For example, if you need someone who can quickly dive into a project about marine conservation, finding someone who's previously worked with ocean-related charities and organisations is a good starting point.

It might also be worth checking if they've taken any courses or certifications to improve their knowledge and keep up-to-date with relevant topics. This could be a copywriting or SEO certification but might also be sector specific. For example, have they completed carbon literacy training or courses on sustainability and restoration? These are often listed on the freelancer's website or their LinkedIn profile.

Sometimes, practical certifications are useful too. For example, as a certified Rescue Diver, I love working with scuba diving organisations and can quickly jump into briefs as I'm already an experienced diver.

You can also check their reviews and testimonials. This simple step only takes a few moments, but it can allow you to see what previous clients said about working with them.

Do they walk the walk?

The great thing about most sustainability copywriters is that they're passionate about the topic and are taking steps in their daily life to reduce their environmental impact. So, do they walk the walk? What are they doing in their business, or day-to-day life, to have a positive impact?

Look for someone who clearly embodies sustainability as just writing about it. Do they have an environmental policy or track the impact they're having through their business? Do they donate or volunteer for causes close to their heart or offer pro bono support to those who need it? They might also share the sustainable practices they're implementing in their personal life. All these clues show they have a genuine passion for, knowledge of and commitment to protecting our planet.

Are they transparent?

Sometimes, things go wrong – even the best sustainability copywriter is only human. And it's easy to make mistakes - particularly when it comes to the complex and ever-changing world of sustainability. Is your chosen copywriter honest and transparent: fessing up when they've made a mistake? Being willing to talk about when they've slipped up shows they're open to learning and improving - and also gives a good indication that they're not greenwashing or greenhushing. Because no-one is perfect when it comes to sustainability!

Are you a good fit?

There are many different approaches to sustainability so think about whether your chosen copywriter’s approach to sustainability matches your own ethos. Are they passionate about the same causes as you?

You also want to make sure you hire someone you can work with - and there's nothing wrong with going with your gut here. Did you gel with them on the discovery call? Do their ways of working suit yours?

Good luck!

I hope these tips give you a helpful list of things to think about when planning to book a great sustainability copywriter. And if you think I could be a good fit for your project, get in touch. I'd love to chat more about how I might be able to help (or if I can recommend someone that's right for your brief).

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