Listen to me speaking about all things PR, comms and marine conservation in some recent podcast interviews. If you're looking for a podcast guest or event speaker and think I could be a good fit, feel free to get in touch.

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How to deal with rejection

Research Adjacent banner: a podcast about all things research-adjacent

Why I just want to write cool stories about fish - and how I deal with rejection

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Speaking up for the ocean through science comms and journalism

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Life as a science writer: sharing the ocean's best bits with the world

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Conservation freelancing, finding clients and crafting messages that work

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Pain free PR for freelancers w. Melissa Hobson

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Where science meets storytelling with Melissa Hobson

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The power of words in conservation

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Delving into my marine conservation niche and how I find my stories

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Transparency and authenticity when promoting your brand

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How to avoid greenwashing w. Melissa Hobson

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Female founders: Melissa Hobson

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Getting PR smart with Melissa Hobson

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PR masterclass with Melissa Hobson