Don't just take it from me: hear what previous clients have to say about what it's like working with me.

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“I had the pleasure of working with Melissa very recently on communications planning for the Stronger Shores project. Melissa’s brief was to take our complicated project messaging and distill down to make it pop! Melissa’s passion for marine conservation was a real draw; I knew we were in the best hands possible, as her love for nature and the ocean really shone through.

"I was particularly impressed with the way Melissa cleverly facilitated the workshops. What felt like a conversation to us, Melissa was expertly gleaming the information she needed to hone together an effective and punchy messaging document. I would highly recommend Melissa for any of your PR, comms and copywriting work, especially if you are looking tailor your comms strategy to encourage behaviour change and help the environment!

I really hope to work with Melissa again in the future.”

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“Melissa worked as a senior staff member at Marine Megafauna Foundation in 2018, overseeing and producing communications relevant to our marine conservation and research activities.

"Melissa was a huge asset to our small Mozambique-based organisation, producing around one published article for every day she worked with us!

"Her PR skills enabled us to get our research results featured by major media, including the BBC, The Guardian, Washington Post, The Times, Evening Standard and many, many more.

"She has been a much-loved and hugely accomplished team member, and we wish her every success…"

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“Melissa's PR Power Hour is aptly named, I can't believe how much we got through in an hour! Melissa's advice was invaluable and has helped us hone our plans to achieve more for less effort. I came away from the PR Power Hour buzzing with ideas and armed with clear, realistic next steps.

"Melissa's passion for marine conservation shines through and it was a pleasure to work with someone who so obviously wants to use her skills for good. I highly recommend Melissa and we will be working with her again at the earliest opportunity."

Emily G Cunningham
Motion for the Ocean
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“I'm still feeling supremely grateful that the Guide Dogs comms team have been able to benefit from Melissa's PR talent for the last few months. From day one Melissa was looking for creative hooks, new story angles and opportunities for the charity which have led to some outstanding features, news items and interviews for our 90th anniversary within a very short space of time.

"Beyond her media relations expertise, her drive and ability to network and build internal connections means she is able to add real insight to her stories and is the ultimate self-starter. She's also a team player who everyone likes working with."

Charlotte Speedy
Guide Dogs
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"An hour doesn't feel like very long, and yet I got so much value from spending one hour with Mel, as we discussed Ducky Zebra's launch plan and PR possibilities. Mel came to the session really well prepared, which meant we were able to jump straight into the detail. She was fully armed with ideas, advice and recommendations. But also asked great questions, which helped to steer the conversation.

"What I really liked was that it felt concise (no waffle), actionable and supportive. I came away from the session with a clear idea of what I needed to do next, and I felt confident that I could do it. Thanks so much Mel!"

Sally Dear
Ducky Zebra
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"I can't recommend a power hour with Mel highly enough. She's got a laser talent of honing in on the important questions and helped me see the woods through the trees for a project I've been chipping away at for years. Almost instantly I had that calming feeling of being in good hands.

"I felt uplifted by her interest, impressed by her knowledge, inspired by her ideas and appreciative of her thoughtful approach. That and the preparation she brought to the meeting and info she shared afterwards was truly top notch."

Larissa Clark
This Chapter
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"Our time with Mel was truly valuable: the advice offered felt unique and tailored to SUP & Soul. Mel had clearly put a lot of thought into how we might best approach our PR and comms strategy so that it aligned with our vision and values. It was comforting to know that Mel’s own values and comms ethos aligned with ours from the outset – something that is super important when working with a consultant.

"We walked away from our Power Hour with lots of ideas for moving forward as well as some actionable takeaways that felt achievable. Mel’s genuine enthusiasm for SUP & Soul’s vision was heart-warming. Thank you, Mel!"

Camilla Todd
SUP & Soul
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"My Power Hour with Melissa was hugely supportive. She brought many helpful and experienced insights into managing PR and aspects of social media within the limited resources and capacity available to me. Her positive, accurate focus and enthusiasm for my project, combined with a realistic awareness of its scale, really boosted my confidence and energy.

"Despite targeting what we had agreed to cover during our session, and more, Mel was intuitively alert to her pace of delivery and had the skill and sensitivity to adjust the pace to meet my needs in the moment. As someone with neurodiversity, this meant I was able to take in the information she gave me and know that it had landed, rather than going away scrambled and over-loaded."

Zoë Bicât

Walk for Earth

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"The Power Hour with Mel was tremendously useful. It really helped to give me focus and to learn how to best use my limited time to promote Madagascar Film & Photography.

"We covered a huge amount in only one hour. Mel was not only incredibly knowledgeable about the subject but she had obviously spent considerable time researching my own business and that of similar companies in the same field. I would thoroughly recommend using her services and she was a pleasure to work with."

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"Mel is a fantastic PR. She joined my team and hit the ground running straight away, excelling in securing coverage, project management and client relations. She also offers sound advice on all things PR.

"I was really sorry to see her leave CRUK, and would recommend her highly for any future opportunities."

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"Melissa is a creative, organised and passionate PR professional. Her contacts are excellent and she consistently delivers excellent results."

Laura Peters
Cancer Research UK
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"Melissa’s strategic input, creativity and attention to detail has made her an invaluable and indispensable part of my support network in a challenging work environment."

Grainne Kennedy
Former commercial advisor, BDA
Cancer Research UK round logo

"Melissa is a confident, highly professional PR, who has excellent contacts across a range of key consumer and other media outlets.

"She delivered some standout PR coverage on some very challenging projects when in my team, always thinking creatively about the brief in hand with a good eye for the target audience."

Sophie Borromeo
Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK round logo

"Melissa is a talented PR professional. Creative and tenacious, she achieves brilliant results and delivers to a consistently high standard.

"She is passionate about her work and a pleasure to work with."

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"I managed Melissa as part of a team of freelancers working on a company-wide project editing copy for a new Customer Relationship Management system. Right from day one, she was a pleasure to work with.

"The copy she produced was to a very high standard and she was extremely efficient, completing tasks well before the set deadlines which made her a real asset to the team. Her attitude was always great and she was friendly, professional and enthusiastic throughout the entire project. Thanks Mel!"

Ella Mawson
Original Travel
Rickshaw Travel logo

"Melissa is a pleasure to work with and a real PR guru!

"She's got a real head for strategy for PR, both traditional and digital, and has creative ideas which really helps gain coverage from her well established network of contacts! She helped secure various pieces of content during our time working together in the travel sector and helped push our digital outreach further than before."

James Pearce
Rickshaw Travel

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