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A cute cartoon of a little pink blobfish with small black eyes and downturned mouth looks at the camera
We don't know all that much about these strange fish but here are a few things we do know about the much-misunderstood blobfish.
Melissa in a swimming pool with her scuba diving instructor learning to use a rebreather
A snippet of my interview on the Research Adjacent podcast
Picture of a person reading a newspaper
It's a common misperception that journalists are only out to trip you up - but that's not true. Here's why.
Photo of a woman holding her arms in the air in celebration by Tirachard Kumtanom
Keeping track of and celebrating wins, achievements and general things that made me happy in my business each month.
A cuttlefish hovers in front of a black background
Diving into an animal that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves with some fun facts about cuttlefish.
Fish swimming above a coral reef
Examples of pieces from my portfolio as a marine science journalist.
Birds eye view of a cappucino, glass of water and a laptop to illustrate Melissa's daily freelance life
An outline of what to expect if I've asked to set up an interview with you for one of my articles.
Whale shark swimming in the ocean
This Whale Shark Day, here are a few fun facts about whale sharks - from my experience as a conservation, ocean and whale shark writer
View of a desk with someone typing at a typewriter and books, a lamp and a small vase of flowers in the background
How I went from a London-based PR professional to a freelance writer specialising in marine conservation and sustainability.
Melissa in a swimming pool with her scuba diving instructor learning to use a rebreather
Examples of pieces from my portfolio as a scuba diving writer.
A woman standing in an office wearing a white top and red glasses stares at the camera and gestures as if to tear her hair out in frustration
A few things journalists find annoying – so you can avoid them in your future media relations outreach.
A phone, two notebooks and a cup of coffee on a desk
Melissa explains when (and why) not to send a press release and highlights other channels that could be a better fit for your story.
Seagrass meadow in Greece taken by Dimitris Poursanidis / Ocean Image Bank
Examples of pieces from my portfolio as a sustainability writer.
Birds eye view of beautiful blue waves lapping the white sandy shore
Examples of pieces from my portfolio as a conservation writer.
A person working at a desk - writing in a note book with a laptop open and cup of coffee
Common media relations pitfalls that can hamper your coverage. Plus, some simple solutions to help you maximise your press success.
View of a desk where someone is writing notes in a notepad with a cup of tea and phone also on the desk
My messaging development service is tailored to each organisation's specific needs but here's an overview of what's usually involved.
Melissa sitting at her desk with a black cocker spaniel on her lap looking at the computer screen
Examples of pieces from my portfolio as an animal writer.
A man and woman smile at each other with laptops in front of them and a podcast microphone on the table between them
A roundup with a few of my favourite podcasts for learning more about science, nature, the ocean and conservation.
Fish swimming above a coral reef
Melissa's giving back overview for 2022-23: including donations, pro bono work, tree planting, sharing expertise and more.
Lloyd wears a Sussex Dolphin Project while standing on the beach on the phone
Lloyd Gofton shares how he moved into the conservation sector and his experience as a member of the Sussex Dolphin Project team.
melissa and second women doing yoga on the edge of a boat looking out to the ocean
Examples of pieces from my portfolio as an ocean writer.
View of the earth from space with white clouds swirling over the blue ocean and green land
How I stay positive and keep motivated as an environmental writer in the face of the climate crisis and the challenges our planet is facing.
View of a desk with someone typing at a typewriter and books, a lamp and a small vase of flowers in the background
Here are a few tips to help you find the right fit for your organisation when hiring a great sustainability copywriter.
Flat lay of a mug of coffee, set of headphones and a phone with a podcast playing on screen
A brief roundup of my favourite podcasts for freelancers which have helped me learn and grow as a business owner.
Native oyster in water after cleaning at Wild Oysters: Tyne & Wear site, part of the Stronger Shores project. Credit: Celine Gamble, ZSL.JPG
A South Tyneside Council-led project aims to strengthen North Eastern coastlines and communities in the face of flooding, erosion and the impacts of climate change
A white robot looks at the camera
I turned to AI copywriting tools to explain why it's better to hire a real (human) copywriter rather than using AI writing software.
Birds eye view of beautiful blue waves lapping the white sandy shore
A selection of ways everyone can get involved to help the ocean, whether or not you live by the sea - and you don't need to be a scientist!
Picture of a person reading a newspaper
A few top tips on how to send a press release to maximise your chances of securing coverage.
A hand holding a mobile phone. The phone display shows the twitter logo on a blue background.
Melissa explains how Twitter can be a handy tool for finding the right journalist to pitch to, by using lists and hashtags.
A pile of newspapers on a table
Melissa explains how taking a thoughtful and targeted approach to your sustainability PR can get better results for your business.
A scientist looking at some seaweed in a petri dish
What kind of marine science stories does Melissa look for? A new (ideally exclusive) study that's surprising and globally relevant.
A pile of magazines stacked on a stool
How do you find the right journalist? By tailoring your story, targeting your press list - and persevering!
Birds eye view of a meeting table with people working on laptops and phones
Melissa recaps her conversation on the How to Start Up podcast, including tips around avoiding greenwashing.
A small boat on the ocean in the Arctic, with three whales swimming past
Melissa hears from Andreas B. Heide about Barba, an innovative arctic conservation platform for scientists and storytellers.
Birds eye view of a person typing on a laptop, with a cup of coffee
What do journalists want? Understanding this can help maximise the chance of great coverage for your sustainable business.
Stella Diamant is standing at a lecturn giving a presentation. On the screen behind her is an image of whale sharks swimming in the ocean.
Melissa chatted with Stella Diamant from the Whale Shark Project about what it takes to launch an NGO and how to share these skills.
Two people on a beach carrying a bin bag
Melissa was interviewed by Channels for their August newsletter and explained how PR can be used to create meaningful social impact.
Karen and Melissa smiling at the camera during the HubFizz interview
Melissa spoke to the Hubfizz Eco Biz Show about greener businesses, transparency, authenticity and ways to avoid greenwashing.
Bethan Peters is having her picture taken in front of a landscape. There are hills and a grey sky in the background.
Bethan Thomas, Communications and Engagement Officer at Project Seagrass, talks about her role and the NGO's conservation work.
Amelia Crews swimming in the ocean in front of a large inflatable shark with the words Eat People Not Plastic
Environmental activist Amelia Crews shares her experience campaigning for social and environmental justice.
Nancy from True Horizon leaning against the wall while holding a book and looking at the camera
Nancy Hynes from True Horizon explains how to decide whether environmental certifications are the right option for your business.
Estelle sitting on the sofa smiling at the camera and typing on her laptop
Eco website copywriter Estelle Hakner gives her top tips on the essential things you should think about when writing your About page.
Underwater photo of a whale shark swimming close to the water's surface with sunlight streaming down on its back
Madagascar Whale Shark Project's founder, Stella Diamant, explains how her new Patreon will help conservationists thrive in their careers.
Emily taking a selfie on a boat while wearing a BDMLR helmet
Melissa chats with Emily Mayman about her role as a volunteer for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR).
Headshot of Dawn wearing a suit jacket and smiling at the camera
Interview with Dawn Borg Costanzi who works in fisheries at The Pew Charitable Trusts.

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