Reusable back and phone with a recycling symbol displayed on screen
After a brilliant chat with the Being Freelance community about green-lancing, I was inspired to make an A-Z of sustainable business.
Blue COP26 logo
Ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, I share a roundup of the best articles and blogs explaining what the COP is and why it’s so important.
What is your brand?
What is branding and how can it improve your marketing and work for your business? Spark & Bloom’s Jeanne has more…
How effective communication to support your fundraising
guide dog puppy wearing a 'puppy in training' harness and looking at the camera
An overview of the amazing work Guide Dogs has been doing for people with sight loss over the last 90 years. Here’s to the next 90!
Confident Tiger is a size-inclusive, sustainable lingerie brand which challenges the mainstream lingerie market on fit, ethics and ethos.
Image of Cass Hebron 7 ways to use social media for climate action
Seven ways to use social media for climate action and climate change. Not to make empty gestures, but to make real actionable changes.
Whale Shark - conservation
Guest post from MMF’s Dr Simon J. Pierce about his career protecting the ocean and marine megafauna.
Genaye standing in front of the ocean and smiling at the camera
An interview with MMF’s Genaye Domenico about her career in conservation and love for the ocean.
Melissa holding a ginger cat and standing on a wooden balcony with the blue ocena behind her
I wanted to share a few of my preferences it terms of ways of working to give you a glimpse into how I like to work and why.
Chris from Madagascar Film and Photography underwater taking a photo of a shark
A glimpse into Melissa’s PR Power Hour with Chris from Madagascar Film and Photography who wanted some tips on managing his own PR.
White writing on a yellow background saying
Why Melissa has pledged to join the ethical move: a movement for a more ethical approach to marketing.
Alexis with pink hair, sunglasses and a striped top smiling at the camera
Alexis Bushnell from Social Media for Humans shares some fantastic insights into how to make your social media more inclusive and accessible.
Computer showing whitepaper or report graphs next to a notepad
Outlining my commitment to improving my website from an environmental perspective and track my progress over time.
Kate from Cherry Blossom Management standing in front of a cherry blossom tree with a polka dot shirt and pointing to the Canva logo
Kate Browning from Cherry Blossom Management explains why Canva is such a great tool to support your marketing efforts.
Picture of a hand turning green at the fingertips and holding a plant to represent how I'm working to meet theSustainable development goals and become more green within my business
An overview of how I’m working to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through my communications and copywriting services.
Typewriter with a piece of paper in there saying 'news' to illustrate the PR process
Ever wondered what is PR and why is it so important? In this post, I explain what PR is based on my 12+ years’ experience in the sector.
Tidy desk with a laptop on a stand, a notepad and a mouse plus a house plant in the background
Why I’m launching a guest blog series where I’ll host posts from relevant experts in sustainability, conservation and marketing for good.
Sally Dear from Ducky Zebra smiling and standing in front of a colourful wall with brightly coloured images of people painted on it
If you’re intrigued about whether a PR Power Hour might be suitable for you, here’s a sneak peek into my chat with Sally from Ducky Zebra.
Lifeguard looking out over the sea at Tofo Beach, Mozambique
Several years ago, Melissa fell in love with the remote town of Tofo Beach in Mozambique. Here’s what a ‘normal’ day in Tofo might look like.
Birds eye view of a cappucino, glass of water and a laptop to illustrate Melissa's daily freelance life
Going behind the scenes and giving you a glimpse into my working day as a freelancer.
Melissa holding a ginger cat and standing on a wooden balcony with the blue ocena behind her
Melissa is a sustainable comms consultant, copywriter and diver. Here are a few facts to help you get to know her a bit better.
If you’re not sure what the UN’s SDGs are, don’t worry: here’s a quick overview of the Sustainable Development Goals to get you up to speed.
Aerial photo of someone surrounded by papers, a phone and a computer while they are planning to illustrate the best app for different productivity and ethical needs
I use certain apps for freelancers and eco-minded businesses to be more productive and more sustainable. Here, I share my favourites.

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