Impact: Melissa’s sustainability steps

May 3, 2021

You might already be aware that it’s part of my mission to continue improving my sustainability and environmental impact as I work to help charities and for-purpose organisations with their comms. To keep me on track in continually improving my positive impact, I’m recording the steps I take each month in the blog post below:

Impact in 2021 to date (April to July)

  • Days of pro bono support: 2
  • Humpback whales adopted: 2
  • Manta rays adopted: 3
  • Whale sharks adopted: 2
  • Basking sharks adopted: 2
  • Trees planted via Treeapp: 94
  • Trees in my Ecologi forest: 25
  • Ad hoc charitable donations (excluding animal adoptions): £135
  • Member of the Ecologi Climate Committee ✔️
  • Member of the ethical move movement for transparent and ethical comms ✔️
  • Default search engine = Ecosia ✔️ (over 2,000 searches to date = roughly 46 trees planted)
  • Sustainable web hosting service ✔️
  • Sustainable pension fund ✔️

Impact in… September 2021 (to date – last updated 4 Sept)

🌳 4 trees planted via Treeapp

🦈 Adopted a basking shark in the form of a donation to The Shark Trust

🌊 Adopted a manta ray in the form of a donation to The Manta Trust

📝 Signed a petition to make reducing sewage pollution a legal requirement in the UK

Impact in… August 2021

🌳 30 trees planted via Treeapp

🗣️ Pledged to join the ethical move movement in service of a new marketing standard based on transparency, trust, and honesty. Please connect with me if you see me not honouring my pledge

📝 Adopted a manta ray on behalf of Frame PR in the form of a donation to The Manta Trust

🚮 Signed up to take part in the Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean in September (provided no travel restrictions come back into place and I can get my 🍑 to the coast!)

📝 Signed a WDC petition asking TUI to stop continuing to support exploitative tourism and stop supporting whale and dolphin captivity

📧 Emailed my MP asking them to support nature in the upcoming debate on whether to rethink HS2’s current plans which are devastating whole ecosystems and habitats

🐳 Adopted a humpback whale on behalf of the Independent (in the form of a donation to WWF)

🦈 Adopted a whale shark on behalf of Madagascar Film & Photography (in the form of a donation to Madagascar Whale Shark Project)

💰 Made a £30 donation (plus £0.90 to cover processing fees) to the International Rescue Committee to support their work to help the thousands of Afghan people currently in crisis

💰 Made a £30 donation to Action Aid’s Haiti Earthquake Appeal 2021 for the response team aiming to help thousands of people affected by the earthquake

🌴 Attended Ecologi‘s monthly Climate Committee meeting and waived my fee to plant some trees instead

Impact in… July 2021

🌳 30 trees planted via Treeapp

🤓 Joined the Ecologi Climate Committee to help guide the company’s climate impact strategy as it continues to grow its platform for great climate action

🌴 25 trees planted in my Ecologi forest

🦈Adopted a basking shark on behalf of a new client in the form of a donation to The Shark Trust on behalf of Blue Cactus Digital

🚉 Chose to travel by train instead of plane, which saved around 191.88kg CO2 according to Pawprint

🩸 Gave blood… OK it’s not technically a work related action (apart from the fact I was sorting some work emails while in the donation chair) but exciting that I wasn’t rejected because of low iron levels this time – AND my blood will be going to the neonatal unit!

💰 Offered my time to share feedback with Pawprint and donated the £30 fee to the Madagascar Whale Shark Project

💉 Celebrated getting my second Covid-19 jab by donating £45 to Unicef which is enough to enable them to transport 1,593 doses of vaccines

🐬 Certified as a British Divers Marine Life Recue marine mammal medic, meaning I’ve been trained on how to respond to stranded cetaceans and injured seals

🖥️ Deleted unnecessary images from my website to continue reducing its size. Its carbon footprint is now rated as great (from OK) according to Beacon

🌊 Half an hour’s pro bono PR support for Madagascar Whale Shark Project

Impact in… June 2021

🌊 Pro bono support: half a day

🐳🦈Adopted a whale shark on behalf of North PR in the form of a donation to the fab crew at Marine Megafauna Foundation

🌳 Joined Treeapp and planted 29 trees: offsetting my carbon emissions this month (yey!)

🖥️ Fixed some back-end website issues which reduced its size from 6.45GB (yikes!) to 1.92MB and moving my website’s carbon footprint from ‘bad’ to ‘OK’ according to Beacon.

💬 Took part in the Power of the Flock Challenge to meet and collaborate with other eco-minded businesses

Impact in… May 2021

🐳 Adopted a humpback whale and a manta ray on behalf of two new clients (Nat Geo and Original Travel in the form of donations to WWF and The Manta Trust respectively)

🌊 Half a day’s pro bono PR support for Madagascar Whale Shark Project

👵 Transferred my pension to a sustainable fund

Impact in… April 2021

🖥️ Improved the sustainability of my website by switching to a green hosting provider (Green Hosting) which uses renewable energy from North Sea wind farms and has an energy efficient London data centre

🐳 Announced my policy to adopt a marine animal for each new organisation I work with

🌊 Gave one day’s pro bono PR support for Madagascar Whale Shark Project

Please note: My impact tracking began when I went freelance full-time in 2021. I track and tally any activity according to the UK tax year (April to March)


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