Pro bono PR requests

January 3, 2022

As you might be aware from my social responsibility policy and impact updates, I have a policy to offer pro bono PR support to good causes where possible. To make it easier to support pro bono requests without completely burning myself out, I’m now setting up a more formal process which I’ve outlined below.

Who can request pro bono PR / copywriting support?

There are so many amazing causes and charities out there and I would love to support them all. To try to make it as fair as possible, I will prioritise:

  • Smaller organisations who are unable to hire external PR or copywriting support
  • Those working towards SDGs 13 (Climate action), 14 (Life below water) and 15 (Life on land)

Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you don’t fall within these criteria, feel free to fill in the form (button below) and I’ll get back to you if I’m still able to help.

What type of tasks will you offer on a pro bono basis?

To make things easier for both sides, charities will be able to request one of the following services:

  • One 60-minute PR Power Hour session with Melissa (including necessary preparation and follow up); OR
  • Drafting one blog post of up to 1,000 words with one round of revisions; OR
  • Drafting one press release of up to 1,000 words with one round of revisions (distribution not included); OR
  • Free access to Melissa’s PR resources

Depending on the project’s complexity, this is likely to take between half a day and one day of my time. On completion, I will send a zero charge invoice which outlines the value of the in-kind donation for your records.

How much notice do I need to give?

I appreciate charities – particularly those with smaller teams – are often working on tight lead times. But I need plenty of notice to be able to help you around other client commitments (which, at the time of writing, are booking up to nine months in advances). Whether or not you’re paying for my services, I want to do a good job… not a rush job.

To make sure I can offer the high quality support you deserve, I now ask for a one-month turnaround time. This will be from the date I receive all relevant information for the project.

To streamline the process, I will review all pro bono requests on the last Friday of the month. I will then aim to respond to all applications over the next week. If I can accommodate your request, I will then ask for all relevant assets and information. Once those are received, I will complete the project within the agreed timeframe. Any requested amends should be sent no more than two weeks after receiving the copy or project information for me. If no feedback is received within that time, I will assume you’re happy with the work provided and will not be able to offer further edits after that point (as I’ll likely be working on my next campaign).

Will you be able to support everyone that applies?

I will do my best to help wherever possible but I can’t guarantee I will be able to support all requests.

Can I apply again?

Yes. If I’ve been unable to accommodate your request in the past, please do apply again. Applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Where possible, I will try to prioritise causes I haven’t yet supported. Again, I can’t guarantee I will be able to support everyone but I welcome requests from everyone that meets the above criteria. If I have provided pro bono PR support for you previously, you are also welcome to apply again in future. Similarly, I can’t guarantee I will be able to help again but I’ll see what I can do.

I was really happy with the support provided – how can I say thank you?

If my pro bono support helps you out, spreading the word by recommending my services to your contacts and/or providing a testimonial for use on my website is a huge help.

Ready to chat?

Hello! So great to hear you're interested in talking about how I can help you with your PR strategy or messaging project.

Depending what works best for you, you're welcome to book a call or send me an email.

I usually have a waiting time of at least six weeks for new clients so please give as much notice as possible.

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I do not work with the fossil fuel industry or PR agencies that retain fossil fuel clients. If that's you, please look for support elsewhere. Thank you.

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Please be aware, I do not work with the fossil fuel industry or PR agencies that retain fossil fuel clients.

If that's you, please look for support elsewhere. Thank you.