The #COP26 roundup

October 28, 2021

As you may well be aware, COP26 is taking place in Glasgow next week. If you’re interested in sustainability, you’d probably struggle NOT to be aware of it. The press coverage and blog posts explaining what COP is and why it’s so important are coming in thick and fast at this point. So, rather than clog your feeds with another “why is COP26 so important blog post” (because there are plenty of great ones out there already and, yes I admit it, I’m strapped for time), I wanted to share a few key pieces with you. Enjoy!

What is COP26?

How can I support?

Cass from the Green Fix did such a great job with her massive list of ways you can support climate action that I don’t really need to share anything else! (The Green Fix)

And what about becoming more sustainable generally?

See? I didn’t need to write anything extra with all those great pieces out there already. Hope you enjoyed them!

Are you attending COP26? If you are, I’d love to hear from you – I’m offering informal pro bono PR consultancy sessions for environmental organisations during the first week. If that’s you, or you’d just like to meet for a coffee, get in touch.


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