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Coming soon: guest blogs

Tidy desk with a laptop on a stand, a notepad and a mouse plus a house plant in the background
Why I’m launching a guest blog series where I’ll host posts from relevant experts in sustainability, conservation and marketing for good.

Getting to know me

Melissa holding a ginger cat and standing on a wooden balcony with the blue ocena behind her
Melissa is a sustainable comms consultant, copywriter and diver. Here are a few facts to help you get to know her a bit better.

What are the UN’s SDGs?

If you’re not sure what the UN's SDGs are, don’t worry: here’s a quick overview of the Sustainable Development Goals to get you up to speed.

Manta ray adoptions

Manta ray swimming over the reef
Why Melissa is supporting marine conservation charities through manta ray adoptions on behalf of her clients.

Marine animal adoptions

Whale shark swimming in the ocean
For each new organisation I work with, I will celebrate the partnership by adopting a marine animal in the form of a charity donation.