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June 21, 2023

I love working as a sustainability writer as the topics are so varied: from green travel to eco lifestyle tips, I have the opportunity to explore and learn about so many different topics. See below for some of my work as a sustainability writer.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel - Nat Geo

When the first transatlantic commercial flight powered by 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) took off, I wrote a piece for Nat Geo asking what is SAF and how sustainable is it really?

Green Energy - Brecon Beacons

I wrote about green energy and ways to reduce your energy usage for Brecon Beacons National Parks.

Peat bogs - Brecon Beacons

I wrote this article about why it's so important to conserve peat bogs for Brecon Beacons National Parks.

Carbon Literacy - Brecon Beacons

What is carbon literacy and why is it important? I wrote about this for a blog post on the Brecon Beacons National Park website.

Recycling - Central Bedfordshire Council

For Central Bedfordshire Council, I wrote a blog on easy ways to save money by reducing your waste.

Protecting coral reefs -

I wrote this piece for, about how effective conservation and management measures can help protect coral reefs from the threats they face globally.

Sharks - AFAR

In this piece for AFAR, I spoke to scientists for their tips on the best places around the world to see sharks (responsibly).

Green Travel - Good Housekeeping

For Good Housekeeping, I did a roundup of a few top tips to help you be more eco friendly while travelling.

Reducing marine litter - PADI

I wrote this article for PADI to help educate dive professionals around the actions they can take to reduce marine litter and why it's important.

Protecting coral reefs - Ecophiles

For Ecophiles, I wrote a piece explaining the simple ways you can protect coral reefs when scuba diving or snorkelling.

Eco-friendly glamping - Ecophiles

For those interested in green travel, I wrote about an eco-friendly glamping break in Cyprus.

Whale shark tourism - World Footprints

For World Footprints, I wrote about how to travel sustainably and follow the Code of Conduct for responsible interactions when visiting countries to see iconic or endangered species like Madagascar's whale sharks.

Nurdle hunters - the Guardian

Sure, you're doing your bit by recycling but what about the plastic pollution being poured into the ocean BEFORE plastic is even made into any products? I wrote about nurdle pollution for The Guardian.

Whale sharks - Ecophiles

If you're ever lucky enough to swim with a whale shark, please make sure it's a responsible encounter by following the whale shark Code of Conduct. I interviewed Madagascar Whale Shark's Stelle Diamant for Ecophiles to get more details on what you should and shouldn't do as a responsible tourist.

Urban beekeeping - Ecophiles

In this article, I shared ways people can help protect bees even if they live in the city.

Responsible elephant encounters - Ecophiles

For Save the Elephants Day, I wrote about how responsible travellers can see elephants without harming them.

Protecting the ocean - Ecophiles

As a scuba diver, I'm passionate about protecting the ocean. But you don't need to be a diver to make a difference. In this article, I share a few ways you can make a difference even if you're not a diver.

Alternative livelihoods - Curiosity

For Curiosity magazine, I looked at how alternative livelihoods to fishing are helping both marine life and local communities in Mozambique.

Green Luxury Travel - Unity

For Unity magazine, I covered the increasing demand for green options in the luxury travel market and ways premium resorts are helping guests get involved with conservation.

Reef-safe sunscreen - Green Fins

For the Green Fins blog, I gave an overview of things people should know about how reef-safe sunscreen protects coral reefs.

Mission 2020 -

In this article, I explored Mission 2020 and how organisations around the world are rallying against the plastic pollution crisis.

Reducing your plastic footprint - Green Fins

A quick roundup of simple ways you can reduce your plastic footprint while travelling.

Beach cleanup - Green Fins

In this blog post, I shared tips from the Green Fins team on how to run a successful beach cleanup.

Underwater cleanup - Green Fins

In another cleanup-focused blog post, I shared some tips specifically looking at how you can make the most of an underwater cleanup.

Environmental role model - Green Fins

I wrote this blog post to give scuba diving professionals tips around how they can be an environmental role model for their guests and inspire guests to travel sustainably.

Inspiring conservation - Green Fins

I wrote this blog post to help dive professionals find ways to inspire their guests to protect the ocean.

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