Melissa’s Services

Need support achieving tangible results through your communications?

Melissa offers the following services to help sustainability, conservation and for-purpose organisations meet their communications goals.

Comms consultancy

Comms training

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to comms, ask Melissa about the training she can offer to get you up to speed.

Consultancy calls

Struggling with a particular element of your comms and need a reliable sounding board? Book a one-off consultancy call with Melissa to get you unstuck.

Workshops and strategy sessions

Need expert guidance as you build and implement a comms plan that works for your business? Melissa can facilitate a deep-dive session to help you find an effective solution.

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PR & Communications

Strategy development

With 11+ years’ experience, Melissa is perfectly placed to help you craft a comms strategy that will support your business objectives.

Press release development

Capture the attention of your media targets with a clear, concise and hard-hitting press release.

Media relations

Don’t know which journalists to contact about your story or how to approach them? Let Melissa support your pitching efforts.


Key messaging & tone of voice development

Developing and using a consistent tone of voice is key to your brand’s success but it doesn’t have to be painful! Let Melissa guide you through the process.

Blog posts & articles

As a published journalist and passionate copywriter, Melissa can help you write engaging blogs and articles that your audience will love.

Website copy

First impressions count – particularly on your website. Melissa can help you capture – and keep – their attention.

Annual reports

Showcasing your achievements doesn’t need to be intimidating. With Melissa’s help, you can make your results shine for your beneficiaries.


Data doesn’t have to be dry! Melissa can clearly communicate your points and bring your report to life.


Have a strong opinion but aren’t confident when it comes to it down? Melissa can help you get your point across in an opinion piece or article that still sounds like you.


If writing isn’t your strength or you’re worried about stray typos, Melissa (a self-confessed grammar geek) offers a reliable second pair of eyes to proof and edit your work.

Team support

Project management

With extensive team management experience, Melissa can work with your suppliers and stakeholders to streamline your project and deliver results.

Interim team cover

Whether someone’s off sick, you’ve won an unexpected client or you’re waiting for a new hire, Melissa is no stranger to getting up to speed quickly to fill the gap.


With a curious mind and a keen eye for detail, Melissa can collate key points in a thorough report on whatever research topic you need.

Admin support

Need some admin done without the headache of having to do it all yourself? Look no further!


Get in touch

Melissa is currently available for PR briefs and writing commissions so please get in touch to discuss how she can support your goals.

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