Melissa Hobson's social and environmental impact statement

Mission statement: Helping sustainability, conservation and for-purpose organisations make a positive difference to our planet through tailored communications.

As a freelance consultant working in the sustainability and for-purpose sector, Melissa Hobson recognises her responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. As such, she is committed to reducing her negative environmental and social impact and continually improving performance as an integral part of her business strategy. The commitments listed below outline the ethics that will guide Melissa and her business:

Partners and suppliers

  • Melissa does not work with companies who are involved in the production, operation, trade, or sale of any the following:
  • alcohol; tobacco; gambling; firearms weapons; fossil fuels; mining; nuclear power or hazardous materials; pornography; payday, short term, or high interest lending; prisons; whole life insurance; volunteer placement to orphanages; illegal products; or industries at risk of human rights violations
  • She reserves the right not to work with clients who do not align with her ethos
  • Continue to use Ecosia as her preferred search engine
  • Encourage clients, suppliers and partners to adopt sustainable and responsible practices
  • Melissa has signed the Clean Creatives movement which brings together PR professionals to set a new industry standard that agencies should not work with fossil fuel companies or their front groups 
  • Melissa has signed the ethical move movement in service of a new marketing standard based on transparency, trust, and honesty.

Energy and water

  • Switch off all lights and electrical equipment when not in use
  • Adjust heating with energy consumption in mind
  • Website hosting 100% powered by UK wind farms ( and an energy-efficient London-based datacentre
  • Take energy consumption and efficiency of new products into account when purchasing
  • Offsetting carbon emissions by planting trees through TreeApp and Ecologi

Office supplies and materials

  • Evaluate the environmental impact of any products she intends to purchase
  • Favour more environmentally friendly and efficient products wherever possible
  • Minimise the use of paper in the office and reuse and recycle all paper where possible
  • Seek to buy recycled and recyclable paper products
  • Use cleaning materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible
  • Reuse and recycle wherever possible
  • Use local labour and materials where available to reduce CO2 and help the community

Transportation, travel and meetings

  • Walk, cycle or use public transport wherever possible
  • Seeking to reduce unnecessary travel where possible and promote travel alternatives such as email or video/phone conferencing rather than face-to-face meetings
  • Use voice calls instead of video conferencing where possible to reduce related emissions

Giving back

  • Adopt a marine animal on behalf of each new client who spends more than £500 on her services (through one or multiple projects) in the form of a charitable donation to Melissa’s chosen marine life charity
  • Melissa is a member of the Ecologi Climate Committee and, as such, is helping to guide the company's climate impact strategy.
  • Donate a minimum of five days each year in the form of pro-bono or voluntary services

Conflict of interests

  • As both a journalist who writes about conservation / sustainability related issues and a PR professional / consultant who works with organisations in these fields, Melissa will always be transparent about the nature of her relationships (e.g. if pitching an article related to a company she has worked with or is working with)

Bribery and corruption

  • Conducting business in an ethical, honest manner with zero-tolerance for bribery and corrupt activities
  • Acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all business dealings and relationships
  • Uphold the laws of the UK relating to anti-bribery and corruption, including the Bribery Act 2010, with regards to conduct both at home and abroad
  • Accepts normal and appropriate gestures of hospitality and goodwill (whether given to/received from third parties) so long as the gift meets the following requirements: a. It is not made with the intention of influencing the party to whom it is being given, to obtain or reward the retention of a business or a business advantage, or as an explicit or implicit exchange for favours or benefits (for example, a positive article / review) b. It is not made with the suggestion a return favour is expected. c. It is in compliance with local law. d. It is given in the name of the company, not in an individual’s name. e. It does not include cash or a cash equivalent (e.g. a voucher or gift certificate). f. It is appropriate for the circumstances (e.g. giving small gifts around Christmas). g. It is of an appropriate type and value and given at an appropriate time, taking into account the reason for the gift. H. It is given/received openly, not secretly. i. It is not selectively given to a key, influential person with the intention of influencing them. j. It is not of excessive value.

Information and confidentiality

  • Committed to protecting the privacy and accuracy of confidential information and remaining compliant to GDPR regulations

Monitoring and improvement

  • Comply with all relevant regulatory requirements
  • Continue to learn about how to improve and reduce environmental impacts
  • Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions
  • Make efforts to continually improve environmental performance
  • Ensure clients and the general public can easily access Melissa’s environmental policy
  • Review and update this policy at least once annually

Signed: Melissa Hobson

First created: 10 March 2021 / Last updated: 27 October 2021