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October 1, 2021

Very excited to be helping to promote the launch of the new sustainable, size-inclusive lingerie brand Confident Tiger, which launches its kickstarter today (1 October 2021). If you're a journalist interested in covering the launch (or including these awesome bras in an upcoming gift guide), please get in touch!


  • 80% of people wear the wrong sized bra: now they can find their true fit
  • With over 140 sizes, Confident Tiger makes premium, ethical lingerie available to all
  • Consistent sizing across the brand means fewer returns and less to landfill
  • Recycle old bras for money off and to raise funds for About Breast Cancer

Confident Tiger – the new size-inclusive, ethical and sustainable lingerie brand – today officially launches its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Designed to make beautiful lingerie accessible to all shapes and sizes – from 6 to 26 – Confident Tiger’s bespoke, eco-friendly range spans over 140 sizes (the widest range available) with bras from 28C to 44L.

Made from recycled, end-of-roll Italian lace and beautifully soft bamboo silk, the Confident Tiger made-to-order balcony bra (early bird price: £95) is set to become a wardrobe staple. This stunning and comfortable bra is available in sizes 28C-44L as an underwired and unpadded bra. Non-underwired and padded alternatives will be offered when the stretch goal is reached on Kickstarter. The plus size bra (D+ cup) features wider straps, a sling for extra support and an extra hook and eye but looks identical to the core size in every other way.

Clare Martin, founder, Confident Tiger, says: “When my bra broke during the lockdown, trying to find one that was flattering for my body and offered the support I needed was an absolute nightmare. Wanting a brand with ethical, sustainable practices too made it pretty much impossible – even after hours of research. So, I decided to create my own.”

Clare added: “I felt so disappointed that my choice was limited because many high street brands don’t cater for all sizes while sustainable options aren’t always as flattering. I believe you shouldn’t have to have a frumpy or uncomfortable bra just because you have a bigger bust so the Confident Tiger range doesn’t penalise you for having bigger or smaller waists or breasts.”

As well as ensuring everyone can feel amazing in underwear, whatever their size, the company also helps you find your correct size – perhaps for the first time ever. 80% of people wear the wrong-sized bra and only 12% get their chest measured when they buy a new bra.* Confident Tiger’s measuring tape (£2.50) and bra measurement calculator provided by the Boob or Bust Bra Measuring brand helps you find your true bra size. For extra guidance, book a fit-by-sight (clothes on) Zoom fitting with Coco-Boo Lingerie (£10) to receive £10 off your next Confident Tiger order, making the fitting itself free.

Clare says: “Many high street shops are not measuring your chest size properly, even if you’re being measured by a professional fitter. Traditional bra measuring methods are based on when bras were made of thick cotton. If it was too tight, you wouldn’t be able to breathe properly so they added around four inches on the band to offer some movement. For some unknown reason, this method is still used even though the stretchy fabrics we use today mean we don’t need bigger sizes to accommodate expanding lungs. Bras measured this way are less comfortable, rubbing on the ribs and underbust, and don’t provide proper support, which can give you back and neck problems. Our at-home measuring tapes allow you to finally find the accurate bra size for you.”

Confident Tiger products are produced using 90% sustainable and recyclable materials to avoid adding to the world’s microplastics problem. Clare says: “I believe attractive underwear should not only respect your body but also the environment and the people making them. That’s why our products are made to order in the UK with materials made in Europe and sourcing, working conditions and working practices vetted across our supply chain.”

Confident Tiger’s made-to-fit ordering system also ensures as little as possible ends up in landfill. In the UK, around 1.92 million bras are sent to landfill each year.** A big part of this problem is inconsistent sizing resulting in more returns that are often not re-sold and must be disposed of.

Confident Tiger has also teamed up with Against Breast Cancer to offer a bra recycling scheme: customers can return their unwanted or unloved bras to be mended if broken and redistributed to countries where it’s too expensive to produce bras. Simply purchase a compostable, prepaid mailing bag with a returns label and return your bras to be reused or recycled. This scheme will also raise vital funds for pioneering breast cancer research. For each bra you return, you’ll receive a £1 voucher which can be redeemed against the new range of Confident Tiger bras so you can make a saving on your next perfectly fitting bra. What’s more, Against Breast Cancer receives £700 for every tonne of bras collected.

Ethically minded supporters of the Kickstarter campaign can receive benefits including: priority ordering (£10); a sustainably sourced T-shirt (£25), sweatshirt (£35) or hoodie (£45); 25% off an early made-to-order bra (£95) or bra and knicker set (£125); or a body confidence hamper (£250) worth over £350. You can even choose a name for one of the range (£750) or design your own Confident Tiger bra (£1,500).

For more information, visit To support the Kickstarter campaign, visit

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Notes to Editors:

The early bird Kickstarter price for the Confident Tiger made-to-order balcony bra is £95. The full price will be £125 once the Kickstarter goal has been reached. A lingerie set costs £125 at the early bird price and will be £145 at full price.

*80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size according to a 2008 survey published in the journal Chiropractic and Osteopathy:

*12% get their chest measured whenever they buy a new bra according to a Confident Tiger study of 892 people.

**300,000 tonnes of clothing were sent to landfill in 2016 (Independent). For every 5,000 tonnes of textiles diverted from landfill in the UK each year by Bristol Textile Recyclers (BTR), around 0.5% are bras, which equates to 320,000 bras per year from BTR. Based on this figure, the UK’s bra-to-landfill rate works out at around 1.92 million bras.

Hi-res supporting images can be found here:

About Confident Tiger

Confident Tiger is a size-inclusive, ethical and environmentally sustainable lingerie brand. Produced in the UK using sustainable and recyclable materials, Confident Tiger challenges the mainstream lingerie market on fit, ethics and ethos.

Its bespoke lingerie is made-to-fit across a broad range of shapes and sizes with a range of sensuous bras and kickers for the 35-50s bra wearer whether they are a size 8 or a 28. The company’s closed circle approach considers both the production and disposal of intimate wear to ensure all aspects of the product and brand profile are kind to people and planet. For more information, visit

About Clare Martin, Founder, Confident Tiger

Confident Tiger was launched by sustainable business expert Clare Martin, Director of Blue Cactus Digital: a digital marketing agency that works with eco businesses to have a better impact on the world. Her marketing background means she sees a lot of brand messaging from businesses big and small. Unfortunately, this also means she can see a lot of what’s missing in the world too.

When her bra broke mid-lockdown, she could not find one that was flattering for her body shape, padded to offer a lot of support and that was made from materials that didn’t have a significant negative impact on the environment. After a deep dive into the way brands source their materials and manufacture and deliver their products, she found huge gaps when it came to ethics and sustainability. So, Clare decided to create her own and Confident Tiger was born.

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