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Picture of a person reading a newspaper
A few top tips on how to send a press release to maximise your chances of securing coverage.
A hand holding a mobile phone. The phone display shows the twitter logo on a blue background.
Melissa explains how Twitter can be a handy tool for finding the right journalist to pitch to, by using lists and hashtags.
A pile of newspapers on a table
Melissa explains how taking a thoughtful and targeted approach to your sustainability PR can get better results for your business.
A scientist looking at some seaweed in a petri dish
What kind of marine science stories does Melissa look for? A new (ideally exclusive) study that's surprising and globally relevant.
A pile of magazines stacked on a stool
How do you find the right journalist? By tailoring your story, targeting your press list - and persevering!
Birds eye view of a meeting table with people working on laptops and phones
Melissa recaps her conversation on the How to Start Up podcast, including tips around avoiding greenwashing.
A small boat on the ocean in the Arctic, with three whales swimming past
Melissa hears from Andreas B. Heide about Barba, an innovative arctic conservation platform for scientists and storytellers.
Birds eye view of a person typing on a laptop, with a cup of coffee
What do journalists want? Understanding this can help maximise the chance of great coverage for your sustainable business.
Stella Diamant is standing at a lecturn giving a presentation. On the screen behind her is an image of whale sharks swimming in the ocean.
Melissa chatted with Stella Diamant from the Whale Shark Project about what it takes to launch an NGO and how to share these skills.
Two people on a beach carrying a bin bag
Melissa was interviewed by Channels for their August newsletter and explained how PR can be used to create meaningful social impact.
Karen and Melissa smiling at the camera during the HubFizz interview
Melissa spoke to the Hubfizz Eco Biz Show about greener businesses, transparency, authenticity and ways to avoid greenwashing.
Bethan Peters is having her picture taken in front of a landscape. There are hills and a grey sky in the background.
Bethan Thomas, Communications and Engagement Officer at Project Seagrass, talks about her role and the NGO's conservation work.
Amelia Crews swimming in the ocean in front of a large inflatable shark with the words Eat People Not Plastic
Environmental activist Amelia Crews shares her experience campaigning for social and environmental justice.
Nancy from True Horizon leaning against the wall while holding a book and looking at the camera
Nancy Hynes from True Horizon explains how to decide whether environmental certifications are the right option for your business.
Estelle sitting on the sofa smiling at the camera and typing on her laptop
Eco website copywriter Estelle Hakner gives her top tips on the essential things you should think about when writing your About page.
Underwater photo of a whale shark swimming close to the water's surface with sunlight streaming down on its back
Madagascar Whale Shark Project's founder, Stella Diamant, explains how her new Patreon will help conservationists thrive in their careers.
Emily taking a selfie on a boat while wearing a BDMLR helmet
Melissa chats with Emily Mayman about her role as a volunteer for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR).
Headshot of Dawn wearing a suit jacket and smiling at the camera
Interview with Dawn Borg Costanzi who works in fisheries at The Pew Charitable Trusts.
Man in the gym putting weights onto a bar and people in the background doing their workout
You can learn things about your career path in interesting and unexpected places. So here are a few things I learned about PR... in the gym!
Seagrass meadow in Greece taken by Dimitris Poursanidis / Ocean Image Bank
Melissa is proud to announce her support for Project Seagrass.
Close up of the surface of the water with sunshine reflecting on the gentle waves
How Melissa helped South Tyneside Council find a way of talking clearly and confidently about their exciting new Stronger Shores project.
Hand holding a blue pen and writing in a notepad. Photo by from Pexels
Making a great press list is an important part of doing your own PR - but it can be a challenge. Here are a few tips to help.
Green tiled lettering on a pink background saying 'be kind'
How Mel gave back through her business from April '21 to March '22.
Birds eye view of neatly stacked magazines taken by Kaboompics .com from Pexels
One of the most common questions I hear is "how do I get press coverage?" Here are a few tips
Emily standing on a beach wearing an orange Marine Conservation Society tabbard and holding a clipboard, next to her is George Eustice who also wears an orange tabbard and holds a litter picker and trash bag for their beach cleanup
Marine conservationist Emily Cunningham shares some brilliant insights on how we can all protect the ocean.
Plastic bottle lying on the grass, photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
Heather Davies explains what greenwashing is and how to avoid it in your communications.
Dark blue rolling ocean in the foreground with an orange sky and the sun setting in the background. Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels
In this session, Mel helped Emily with messaging, target media and empowering ambassadors to spread the word about the Motion for the Ocean.
Lady standing on a balcony wearing a brown coat and reading a newspaper. Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels
A quick overview of what a press release is, what to include and other considerations for organisations new to doing their own PR.
On the left is an old black and white photo of a guide dog owner walking with his dog. On the right is a modern colour photo of a lady walking her guide dog in the same position
How Melissa helped Guide Dogs’ in-house team boost media coverage as it celebrates 90 years of life-changing work.
Close up view of a Mac computer on a wooden desk with orange walls in the background. Photo by Tom Swinnen from Pexels
Emma Hewlett explains how to create a style guide for your business, no matter its size.
cute golden puppy looking straight at the camera with grass in the background. This dream job role would look after cute puppies like this!
How Melissa helped Guide Dogs publicise an exciting new role in the Canine Services team and drive high-quality applications.
Close up of a woman's hands reading a glossary type book taken by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
A taster of Melissa's communications glossary which helps you get to grips with PR terms you might not be familiar with.
Beautiful sunset over the ocean
An overview of requirements for charities and good causes looking for pro bono PR and copywriting support from Melissa.
Image of smiling women with curly red hair
Claudia from Translate Digital Marketing shares her bugbears about some marketing tactics
Bonnie wearing her hair up in a bun and wearing a grey sweater
Bonnie shares four ways you can make your business more sustainable.
Jessica Haines standing in front of the ocean and some green trees
Interview with Jessica Haines, Project Manager of The Manta Trust
Image of forest ferns with a hand delectating holding
What is branding and how can it improve your marketing and work for your business? Spark & Bloom's Jeanne has more...
Reusable bag and phone with a recycling symbol displayed on screen
After a brilliant chat with the Being Freelance community about green-lancing, I was inspired to make an A-Z of sustainable business.
Blue COP26 logo
Ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, I share a roundup of the best articles and blogs explaining what the COP is and why it's so important.
Genaye standing in front of the ocean and smiling at the camera
An interview with MMF's Genaye Domenico about her love for the ocean
Donations image on typewriter
Sarah Browning York shares how to create a successful fundraising comms strategy
Lifeguard looking out over the sea at Tofo Beach, Mozambique
Several years ago, Melissa fell in love with the remote town of Tofo Beach in Mozambique. Here's what a 'normal' day in Tofo might look like.
guide dog puppy wearing a 'puppy in training' harness and looking at the camera
An overview of the amazing work Guide Dogs has been doing for people with sight loss over the last 90 years. Here's to the next 90!
Confident Tiger is a size-inclusive, sustainable lingerie brand which challenges the mainstream lingerie market on fit, ethics and ethos.
Cass Hebron smiling at the camera
Cass Hebron suggests 7 ways to use social media for real climate action