Published Work

Published Work

Please see below for some of my published work on scuba diving, marine and eco-travel.

More than just Jaws

Jan 2019
An interview with shark scientist and freediver Lukas Mueller

Tofo, Mozambique

August 2018
Small town, big experiences.

Can't swim, will swim

Oct 2018
Meet Mozambique’s new ocean conservationists…

Best Places in the World to See Sharks

Nov 2018
Shark scientists spill the beans

Fitness Tips from a Real Life Shark Diver

Oct 2018
Lukas Mueller gives his tips for keeping fit…

How a Mozambican Fishing Community is Saving the Ocean

Oct 2018
Fishing communities in Tofo Beach, Mozambique, coming together to protect the ocean and their livelihoods

Absolute Monarchy: eSwatini

Sept 2018
Introducing Swaziland’s Royal Family…

Sea Change

Aug 2018
The Mozambican fishermen turning farmers to protect the ocean.

Stargazing with Whale Sharks

July 2018
Anyone can help to save marine life with the help of a NASA algorithm and a snorkel.

Marine Biologist Interview

July 2018
Simon Pierce and Andrea Marshall reveal what’s actually involved in a career in marine conservation.

Reshaping whale shark tourism in Madagascar

June 2018
Oceanographic spoke with Stella during the week her new study on whale shark aggregations in Madagascar was published.

Eat your way around Amsterdam

Jan 2018
Falling head over heels (via our stomachs) in love with Amsterdam…

Yoga and Surfing in Morocco

May 2018
Finding zen through adventure…

Marine Conservation in Mozambique

July 2018
How I quit my job and moved to Mozambique to volunteer for a marine conservation charity.

10 extra AF yoga classes

Jan 2018
Making it our mission to try out the weirdest types of yoga to see if they’re fab or fad…

15 Weird af Things (And Places) to Eat in Japan

November 2016
Checking out loads of totally bonkers food you can eat in Japan (if the delicious sushi, sashimi, yakitori, ramen, katsu and udon isn’t for you).

Opening the Door on Cuba

With the USA relaxing travel restrictions to Cuba, exploring the idea that the quirks of this island nation might be lost forever.

Why Sharks Are Not Scary AF

July 2016
The definitive guide to why sharks are nowhere near the brutal human-nibblers you’ve seen in Jaws.

Dangers and Delights at Aliwal

April 2015
My diving trip to the Aliwal Shoal in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, offered even more drama than I’d bargained for…!